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Ponytail Extension

Stretched Length
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Get In Style Instantly With Our Clip-On Hair Ponytail


Awkward hair days? So your hair day wasn't as good as you expected, but it doesn't have to be a total bust.


Women go to great lengths to look and feel good; the ponytail is believed to have emerged in ancient Greece, where the hairstyle could be set high on the backs of heads in frescos painted thousands of years ago.

Eventually, the ponytail came in, making it easy to look casual or formal and feel beautiful. Today We still provide that look with our ponytails.


Our hair is 100% Remy hair. We strive to provide quality products while still keeping the environment safe and healthy for humanity.


With RJ'S Creations Clip-On Hair Ponytail, you can always create the perfect look. All you have to do is attach one of our cute ponytails, and your ponytail will look great instantly! It only takes a second to put on and gives you that extra confidence boost when you go into work or meet up with friends.



Benefits That Come With Our Clip-On Ponytail




Stand out from the crowd. These hair extensions are a stylish and comfortable way to add length and volume to your hair. It can be worn to the wedding as a bride or guest, professional meeting, or just on a typical any other day; there is no excuse not to look fantastic.





Our hair extensions are lightweight and easy to wear. Our hair extensions can be worn multiple times and will not tangle; it is best to take care of them by treating them with shampoo and conditioner as your hair and keep away from high in protein hair products as it will weigh the ponytail down.




A clip-on ponytail will work wonders; try our ponytail and get the wow factor you've been looking for; put it on your hair if it's short and looks blah; it will look fuller.

The ponytail adds definition to your face, making you appear fresh and presentable, a real confidence boost.





You can wear your ponytail loose, in up creations or common styles; even more, you can create curls or, better, a nice sock bun; our hair is natural and can be coloured to blend in with your natural hair.



One of the beauty challenges any woman can face is not having enough length or volume, and time to achieve the desired look. We understand those frustrations, and it's no longer a concern with our ponytail extensions to offer.


It is now okay not to be born with luscious long, thick hair tied into a stunning ponytail because you can achieve all that with our ponytail extension.

76% of women say they wear hair extensions because it adds value to their look; this is according to the consulting agency (Final Marketing Hub); with that being said, it is safe to say any women need a set of our beautiful and versatile hair ponytail


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