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Concealer Bb Cream For Dark Spots

Ivory 1 Pcs
Nature 1 Pcs

Get Back That Glow With The

 RJ'S Natural Finish CC Cream Foundation

 And Concealer

It's perfectly acceptable to have pores, texture, blemishes, or even acne. We don't walk around face tuned; RJ'S has the Concealer Bb Cream For Dark Spots which will provide an even complexion to your skin.


RJ believes inchanging lives. Theelastic sponge head makes the application simple, instantly revealing results with little effort.

The sun not only provides vitamin D, but overexposure can causeskin damage andpremature ageing. Our CC cream foundationprotects against UVA and UVB rays.

Our foundationworks in all weather conditions. Themineral oil in the product moisturises the skin in the winter, and thewater-resistance gel-like finish prevents make-up streaking in the rainy season.

Concealer Bb Cream For Dark Spots cream foundation dramatically improves your appearance; ourlong-lasting foundation is always in place, leaving you feelingphenomenal andappealing.




The cream stays put, whether you're jogging, doing yoga, going to the gym, or simply enjoying a little drizzle outside. It protects the skin as well as makes youlook better while sweating.


Amazingmoisture andcoverage. It makes a huge difference tosmear it first and then press it around your face; the skindrinks up the ingredient and replenishes without looking oily. As a result, theskin feels smooth. The rich gel-like texture leaves itplump, balanced, and hydrated.


Evenafter several hours, the foundation looksfresh, does notbreak apart, leaves no wrinkles, laugh lines, or pores, evens your skin tone and appears natural.


Because itrestores the skin's natural barrier,Centella Asiatica extract is also ideal forageing women or women withskin problems such as rosacea. As a result, it protects itself from further baking, which is especially important for sensitive skin. Vitamin E, Tremella extract, and other skin-beneficial ingredients are included.



Art is a component of our brand.On the cushion, the film leaves a snowflake print. Even if you don't use the foundation's cushion but still want that artistic effect, your regular makeup sponge will leave an imprint.

Because ageing women find it difficult to find products that work smoothly on their skin to help them look more youthful and radiant, the Urban RJ'S foundationcaters to everyone, boosting confidence, self-love, and attractiveness.

According to research, 84 per cent of women believe that beauty can be empowering. As a result, the cream's even skin-tone finish, which gives a strong impression of health and symmetry, aids in boosting self-confidence.RJ believes in self-expression.

The Natural Color is for Darker skin tones, and the Ivory Color is for finer and light skin tones.


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